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I'm Laura Leu, a writer living in New York City. I enjoy telling strangers on the Internet my name, occupation and city of residence.

I've written for Women's Health, Maxim, Cosmo, Details, Health, Time Out New York, New York Post, McSweeney's and Salon, among others. In January 2010, my husband Adam and I launched Navigeaters, a blog that documents our quest to eat a meal from every nation in the world without leaving NYC. I also created Self-Petting Zoo, your one-stop shop for masturbating animal videos.

If you're an editor who wants to give me work, you can read some clips below or take a look at my resume. If you're a horny old German man, you can watch this video of me playing my accordion while my friend pole-dances.

You can email me at laura.leu [at], or find me on Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, or standing right behind you. Psych!

stuff i've written

"I Dream of Weenie: My Life As a Female Competitive Eater," Salon
An essay on achieving my childhood dream to become a professional gorger.

"Abnormal School," Time Out New York
On attending Coney Island Sideshow School.

"Inside the Mind of a Monster," Stuff magazine
A feature profile story on Arthur Shawcross, convicted serial killer and cannibal.

"Conventional Sex," Details
A tour of the nation's sultriest, strangest, and stickiest sex festivals.

"Dating a Dreamboat," Women's Health magazine
An essay on dating a male model.

"TONYPD," Time Out New York
A recurring column, in which I dress like a cop and issue tickets to people for various misbehaviors.

"Pop Vulture," Shock magazine
A parody of weekly celebrity tabloids.

"XXX-posure," Stuff magazine
A first-person narrative on becoming an extra in a porn movie.

"Hot Seat: Richard Simmons," Time Out New York
A Q&A interview with Richard Simmons.

"Why Karma is a Bitch,"
A McSweeney's list in which I defend the Buddhist doctrine's cattiness.

13 September 12

I was trying to place a finger on who Honey Boo Boo reminded me of, and then it hit me. There’s only one other gal in the world who’s as overly confident, gassy and capable of rockin’ her flaws like they’re the best things in the universe: Amber, the one-legged hypoglycemic reality show contestant. 

Yeah, she’s got one leg and a scorching case of bed bugs. JEALOUS?

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